Travellers Rest Hotel

What can anyone say, however a spot of History previously belonging to Walter Baumgärtel, the father of TravellerTravellers Rest Hotel which Dian Fossey called her second home, where George Schaller stayed.  In days gone by it was somewhat rougher, currently it is self-contained and also with running water, a cozy place, a large fireplace within the lounge area, all near Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, near Lake Mutanda as well as in reasonable access to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Back in the 1960’s Travellers Rest Hotel was a base of expeditions from where Dian Fossey, George Schaller, Rest hotelRaymond Dart and Bernhard Grzimek, together with several other travelers. It offers great value, delicious food as well as a convenient location for a number of activities like Gorilla Tracking, Golden Monkey Tracking, exploring the Batwa Trail and Volcano Climbs. There are as well a variety of boating activities which can be enjoyed at Lake Mutanda.

It belonging to Nature Lodges-who perform a great job in other areas like Airport Guesthouse, Bush Lodge as camp firewell as Kibale Forest Camp. From the lodge’s court yard guests can enjoy the stunning scenery of the Volcanoes and even guests will get the opportunity to move around town as well as visit the local market which takes place two times a week.




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