Sipi River Lodge

Sipi Falls comprises of a series of 3 breathtaking waterfalls, some of the finest Arabica coffee on earth, top rivernotch mountain biking as well as gorgeous sunsets! The Sipi falls are immediately on the border of Mount Elgon National Park home of an amazing quantity of bird species and also the biggest volcanic base on the planet.

Sipi Falls is a destination to enjoy the challenging mountains, as well as a place simply to unwind in a cool serene environment.

The Lodge sits on a private ground covering 17 acres, which include the 80 meter Kapsurur Falls (the 2nd of the 3 Sipi waterfalls), a number view of sipiof caves as well as peaceful gardens to look at. This Lodge operates with just a small number of visitors at a time rendering it a ‘home away from home’ experience coupled with the outstanding great services offered by our staff.

Sipi River Lodge has a number of activities plus accommodation facilities, all in a walk able distance from the Lodge, among which are coffee tours, fishing tours, hiking, abseiling and rock climbing. They also organize mountain Elgon expeditions.

barRegardless if you are here to have enjoyment from the various outdoor activities or here just to relax, enjoy the plentiful birdlife, Sipi River Lodge offers an unforgettable stay.

Sipi River Lodge has a number of accommodation facilities which are all found near the main house. Inside the main house-guests is a romantic dining area with a wood fire, elegant bar, cozy reading lounge as well as an open veranda. Guests can as well get Internet access  at a fee of UGX  10,000 each hour.

loung sipiIn their garden they grow their vegetables plus a number of fruits which are part of the menu offered here. Other items like cheeses plus meats are acquired locally. The bread and cakes are freshly baked by the staff and these are served to the guests.  Since it is found in one of the best coffee growing region world, they get their coffee from their garden and then prepare it in the kitchen. Their wonderful bar offers an assortment drinks including 14 various whiskeys about 8 most loved single malts.  It is an bedrroomexcellent decision to have on a chilly evening drink at the end of a day out hiking. Their charges include hefty cooked breakfast, delicious lunch, an afternoon tea with cakes plus a 4 course dinner.