Shoebill Campsite

To enjoy a very intimate wild yet unforgettable experience in Murchison Falls National Park, visit the Shoebill shoebilllCampsite which is found close to the entrance of Murchison Falls National Park.  Shoebill Campsite provides breathtaking views of the Nile’s blue waters, expansive large blue skies, as well as the utmost serenity and comfort.

At the end of your game drive, when you return at the camp, you will certainly appreciate the quietness of this place as you unwind in the sitting area near the campfire, as you listen to the hippos’ calls and watch the starlit sky. Visitors should come with their private tents, and may opt to prepare their meals especially if the brought along shoe---bedtheir own equipment, or instead eat at the restaurant at the Nile Safari Lodge only 2 minutes walk away. They can as well access the swimming pool that looks over the river.





Enjoy your stay.