Lake Bunyonyi Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi is found in southwestern Uganda between kisoro and Kibale close to the Uganda-Rwanda border. It is 1962m above sea level and is surrounded by beautiful mountainous scenery. The name Bunyonyi means “place of many little birds”. Lake Bunyonyi is a small lake, but it is simply beautiful. It has a mystical air about it and looks like a scene out of a movie. It has about 29 islands dotting its surface and is surrounded by several terraced farms that make the place look almost magical.

The “place of many little birds” is a very quiet and peaceful place, good for solace, rest and reflection. If you ever need to do any of that while on a Uganda safari , simply make your way to lake Bunyonyi you will be amazed and awed by what you will see. This little piece of heaven is the perfect place to wind down from a day of activity such as gorilla trekking, mountain climbing and game viewing. The scenery, the quiet waters and the beautiful sun setting over the lake will have feeling rested in no time at all.

bunyonyiWhat are some of the things you can do when you visit Lake Bunyonyi?

Well, there are a number of things. You can of course enjoy the scenery and simply relax, or you could go swimming in the lake-it is said to be one of the few Bilharzias free lakes in Uganda, you can also go canoeing. You can paddle from one island to the next and do a bit of exploration of the islands, as you learn a bit about the way of life of the inhabitants. The lake has about 200 different bird species recorded, so you can enjoy some birding as well. You can also take some walks on the islands, visit the markets, take seem pretty amazing photographs and simply just be and enjoy yourself.

Where would I stay if I made a trip to Lake Bunyonyi?

There are a number of accommodation facilities in the area. You will be able to get a good place to stay. There is reasonably priced lodging in the area with good facilities that you can enjoy for a day or two. For example there is the is Birdnest Resort at Lake Bunyonyi which is quite new and has very amazing views of the lake and islands, and very good food. They have some pretty delicious Belgian dishes.

You could also stay on one of the islands and enjoy a few meals of Cray fish, including Cray fish pizza.

Lake Bunyonyi is a must see for any one on safari in Uganda. Do add it to your itinerary as often as you possibly can, so it can be you resting place when all the activity of the safari is done.