Rwenzori International Hotel

Rwenzori International Hotel is situated in the unique Kamaiba surburb. It’s a 3 minute drive from the Kasese InternationAirstrip (-aerodrome) and it is on the  foothill of  Mountain Rwenzori just 15km north of the Equator-crossing and close to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

At Rwenzori International Hotel there are 35 comfortable rooms offering visitors elegance as well as serenity all in one, while facilities like the health club plus the bar guarantee you comfort and leisure once you’re outside your room.

Enjoy our local and international dishes at reasonable prices. You may as well pick from our exclusive a la carte main housemenu or from the grilled meat (locally referred to as Nyama Choma) which goes well with an assortment of alcoholic or even non-alcoholic drinks. The stunning bar is fully stocked with an assortment of drinks all at reasonable prices.



































Enjoy your stay.