Ruboni Village Walk

Location: on the border of Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Extending along the border of Uganda with Congo, the stunning snow-capped Mountain Rwenzori is the 3rd Rubonihighest mountains in the whole of Africa, and one among the most challenging mountains to climb. The foothills of this mountain have been occupied by the Bakonzo people for about 300 years, and welcome visitors to be part of their day to day life within their village, bordered by rainforests, glacial rivers, the beautiful peak of Mountain Rwenzori plus large banana plantations.

Explore the Ruboni village, home to approximately 2000 Bakonzo. Enjoy community Walks guided by the locals as they illustrate to you the day to day activities, including looking after their livestock plus crops, preparing of meals using fresh ingredients from the garden plus many others. You will be welcomed to a homestead, and there you will enjoy a local meal prepared on an open fire, and also meet the local basket weavers, traditional healer, storytellers and the blacksmith. Extra activities here are: a lively dance performance by the locals of Ruboni village, accompanied by energetic drumming. You can also be part of this by booking in advance into a drumming class.


Visiting the homestead offers an encounter of the local lifestyle of these rural people as you observe how they perform the day to day activities and chores without electric, or gas kitchen appliances and how the generally survive.

In distant areas like this one, their traditional healer works in the place of doctors, clinics as well as hospitals. Learn about the diseases that he treats using the local medicinal herbs which he gathers from the areas surrounding the slopes of the mountain.

Observe how these people curve knives and pangas or machetes using their very hands from a formless piece danceof iron. This crucial work done by the blacksmith has transformed minimally through the centuries looking at the way it is done.

Responsible Travel

Money earned from this Tourism has funded various projects like a Child School Sponsorship Program as well as a tree-nursery project.  The seedlings are offered to local members or planted in the demarcated community forest.Proceeds from the dance performances are used to fund small scale animal husbandry particularly for the families of the dancers.returns from the selling of crafts is also utilized  by the crafts-women to purchase goats plus pigs, and also promote a household savings as well as investment initiative


Package Includes

Guided village tour plus various demonstrations