Reality Tours to Africa, Reality Safari Trips

The thought that traveling is educational as well as a positive event has influenced international affairs and resulted into the very first Reality Tour back in 1988.  International Exchange Reality boysTours are not organized to offer instant solutions or cures to the most difficult problems in the world, or  any form of  voyeurism. However, Reality Tours are designed to educate the public on how one individually or jointly, contribute to the international troubles, and, then, suggest various ways how we can actually contribute positively to its change locally as well as globally.

Reality Tours provide participants a chance to travel to different countries to inspect a particular situation personally and to discover more beyond that communicated through the mass media. So through joining us on any of our delegations, participants get the opportunity to learn about new cultures, meet with new people from all parts of the world, and create important relationships with these people.

For several years Reality Tours has encouraged experiential education, sustainable as well as socially responsible traveling as a way to sanction our participants whereas upholding the local economy plus the wellbeing of the host communities or countries. Establishment of Relationships is vital in this transformation. Each tour aims at establishing people – to – people ties by introducing our participants to the local people who majority of the travelers would not have met on their own. These links or ties, we anticipate, will also encourage participants to inspect their own communities and motivate learning, sharing as well as encouragement at the end of this tour.

 Why go on a Reality Tour?

Reality Tours encourage peace and national diplomacy through making people – to – people ties. Our trips confront you to “Meet various People, Learn Facts, and then Make a Difference!” and go beyond the label.

Being a human rights organization devoted to promoting international justice, we recognize that traveling can be utilized as an educational instrument to build understandings across different cultures plus borders and can motivate one to challenge as well as change policies.

Reality Tours is established on ethical principles of socially-responsible tourism. Our tour-groups stay in the locally managed lodges, employ local resident program officers plus guides, and at all times support the economy of the local hosting communities.

We provide more than 100 yearly delegations to more than 40 domestic plus international destinations. We have an exciting collection of programs which investigate vital current political, cultural, economic, social and environmental issues around the globe while enlightening the hard to believe struggles plus successes of the people plus organizations we congregate with.

Participants come back home with an open-minded perspective, an extended worldview, as well as a sense of how each of them can advocate as well as communicate that which they have learned to , friends, nation family and community.

 How are Reality Tours related to Global Exchange?

Global Exchange is a global Human Rights Organization devoted to promoting environmental, economic and social justice around the globe. Since our establishment in 1988, we have enlarged the public’s awareness in US of international issues at the same time building growing, grassroot international partnerships.  Our Reality Tours programs educate the public of the domestic plus international issues by ‘socially responsible travel’.

What sort of trips do we sponsor?

We arrange different types of small sized-group tours that you can find on this very website that are open for joining.  Intermittently we provide fact-finding, election monitoring, activist and Photosolidarity delegations where we send-out invitations to skilled individuals to take part. finally, more than half of our departures each year are today tailored tours for organizations, faith-based groups, cultural groups, academic institutions, families, businesses, foundations, as well as professional plus academic membership associations.

Reality Tours provide participants a detail look at the real situation of destination country through personal observation of the hosting society. Participants are able to learn about the history, economy, government, agriculture, environment, politics, religion, health care, and education of the country. They also participate in exciting diverse cultural activities in addition to enjoying the pristine beauty and varied ecosystems of the hosting country. We additionally organize and co-sponsor delegations aimed at women, conflict resolution, human trafficking, youth, peace as well as food sovereignty, in addition to any extra issues focused to a specific event like a festival.

Through educational, formal plus informal interactions, all our participants are rewarded with an informed as well as enriched perceptive of the struggles, accomplishments, and hopes of people from different backgrounds. Our various itineraries basically include meetings as well as visits with university professors, community organizations, doctors, government officials, environmentalists, journalists, scientists, writers, religious representatives, artists, human rights groups, musician and dancers. Each delegation has an exceptional chance to travel to different cities, villages plus towns and speak with the local residents involved in these existing situations.

 Who can participate?

Our standard, pre-arranged educational seminars can be attended by anyone who is interested in learning more about our destination country and who shows flexibility and compassion toward various cultural veracities.

Our activist, solidarity and fact-finding delegations are arranged in the context with the prevailing programs and are aimed to specific audiences that qualify as well as the level of engagement which makes them suitable to work with and serve as our host.

We in addition offer tailored tours that can only be taken by only members of the partnering organization. The aim and course of these trips are particularly intended for the participants. We design the program basing on the ages and particular necessities of the organizers.

Our universal tours are inter-generational. A Reality Tour for instance might have professionals, educators, students and retirees from 18 to 80 years of old. If you are interested in knowing the particular dynamics on any tour you can call us and talk to the Reality Tours staff.

Tailor-made Reality Tours can be arranged for children with adult chaperon.  Typically we advice a 10 to 1 – student – to – adult ratio, we establish lively programs each day and we necessitate that minors plus  their parents or legal guardians sign a Youth – Code – of – Conduct.

  What is the long-term impact?

All our participants return to their home with an open-minded viewpoint, an extended worldview, as well as a better sense of how they can inform their friends, the nation, family and community what they learned from their trip.

At the end of a tour, we send all the participants a contact list of the various groups of people they met, as well as extra information about additional organizations / campaigns involved in the issues addressed during the tour. Our alumni frequently write letters, articles and op-eds to the editors; make presentations to their friends, families, schools, unions, churches, and community groups; produce TV and radio shows; arrange follow-up tours; offer financial help to grassroots groups they met and  volunteer with some of the organizations they visited or other new ones they get to know of following the trip.

JjjjReality Tours members of staff maintain frequent communication with the communities they visit within the destination countries.  They only meet with people plus groups that invited them, and return only if the experience is considered equally valuable. In addition, since we try to lessen our impact on the natural environment, the tours groups normally reside in locally manned lodges, employ guides from the local community, as well as retain as much revenue as they can within the host country.

 How are we funded?

Reality Tours charges participants in our study seminars, although we provide financial aid to chosen recipients. All the money generated is utilized to develop and promote future programs as well as include new destinations. The Reality Tour charge includes airfare – although only land packages are Presented, all transportation in the destination country, trip guides, double room housing, program fees, translation of the various programs, 2 to 3 meals daily, reading materials, visas, admission fees, plus an experienced leader of the trip. Trips vary from $850 – $4,000 and run for 7 to 14 days. In the only land packages, participants should transport themselves to the accommodation in the host country and as well acquire a visa by themselves.

Reality Tours is overconfident that for several years we have existed as a Socially Responsible Travel service-provider and 70 percent or more of the tour package is spent within the host country.  Conservative travel packages regularly benefit only the local or the national economy by just 10 to 30 percent of the whole package, meaning that due of capital flight as well as the reality of the international tourism industry very few of the majority of tourism receipts remain to increase the development and better the economy that you visit. If you mind about what you buy and where your money is spent, you must be well assured that with Reality Tours everything is ethical.