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Paraa Safari Lodge

Paraa Safari Lodge is found in the middle of Murchison Falls National Park. It is located in northern of Uganda Paraawith offering spectacular views of the parks natural wilderness. The great River Nile which flows from Lake Vitoria its source here makes its way through a narrow 7 meter gorge and drops down to 43 meters below with a thunderous roar hence forming the renowned Murchison Falls found not so far from the Paraa Safari Lodge.

The offers a unique blend of adventure, comfort and relaxation! Regardless of the room you live in, you will enjoy great views of the surrounding area.  Each room of the rooms is self contained and has a private balcony looking over the great River Nile.

The interior design of the lodge has displays of ancient African and it is beautifully furnished to offer the guests the utmost comfort.  There is a swimming pool that offers views of River Nile and normally guests enjoy having drinks by the poolside as they marvel at the scenic surrounding.
loungeParaa Safari Lodge has 54 self contained luxury rooms each with a private balcony offering breathtaking views of the park and river Nile. The rooms include: twins, cottages, double, suites plus singles.

Their expert chef prepares very delicious meals including local plus international dishes. There is a fully stocked bar with a variety of wines as well as spirits. While you dine, you’ll observe animals roaming the lodge vicinity. The staff is warm and friendly to ensure that your stay is very comfortable.














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Comfort and lavishness are a guarantee at the Paraa Safari Lodge.