Nile Water Rafting

White Water Rafting In the Nile, Uganda

Take pleasure in white water rafting and memorable bungee jumping in the great White Nile as well as at the Rafting waterSource of the Nile which is Africa’s longest river! The renowned White Nile features among the finest White Water rafting on the planet. We organize day time, overnight or even multiple days’ excursions. The trip starts in Jinja, which is the adventure capital of Uganda and here you will discover the sole bungee jumping platform in the whole of East Africa having a drop touching the legendary “Source of the Nile”!

the white-water rafting industry in Uganda is somewhat new – as the initial drop of the river using a paddler was back  in 1996, with grade 4 plus 5 extend of the rapids on the Nile which have  been developed into an international-class rafting vacation spot having some of the most predominant and constant rapids in the world. The powerful amount of water creates horrid rapids which offer a memorable rafting experience comparable to that in Zimbabwe of the Zambezi River. Jinja host to the white-water rafting business is found at the source of the great River Nile, which is the longest river on the planet. The Bujagali Falls down-stream of the source of the Nile, and near to Jinja, has been branded as Uganda’s ‘adrenaline capital’, offering not simply white water rafting, but in addition river boarding, bungee jumping, mountain biking and kayaking.

The White Nile has as many as seven times the volume of River Zambezi. This raft blows up through large walls of the white water and glides through the warm pools heated by the equatorial sunshine. To raft This Nile, one doesn’t require any prior rafting experience. Your guide instructs you well on every issue of safety and prepares you well for a memorable experience. Actually Rafting on the Nile has recorded 100% safety. Therefore clients can always enjoy this activity assured that they are well looked after.

White Water Rafting In the Nile, Uganda
White water rafting is on top of several people’s list of “to do” things here. Reliable safety equipments as well as very qualified plus experienced guides work the biggest rapids possible. The total rafting distance is 25 km on the river including a number of the finest rapids on the planet.  Huge standing waves plunge from the blue skies plus rock walls move from the powerful booming rapids. Be one of the first to enjoy this incredible adventure as well as excitement on the Nile starting at the   Bujagali falls. Bring along a swimsuit, sandals plus shorts to wear during this thrilling adventure and  Don’t forget to carry along your sunglasses and sunscreen.

Ranked as the Best Whitewater Rafting!
The Nile which is the longest river in the world thunders to life as the great White Nile just minutes after flowing gently from Lake Victoria. It roars between densely forested islands before flowing wildly into a number of magnificent drops. The thunder of the rapids flows upstream offering a gentle breeze. Several locals on Wooden White watercanoes usually gather to see anxious our rafts.

To the wonder of this audience, we drop into the maelstrom and cruise the mountainous waves all the way downstream. These thrilling rafts explode through big walls of  the whitewater and flow through the warm  pools (at about 27°C) warmed by the equatorial sunshine. it is certainly the best  whitewater rafting experience!

Outstanding safety record More than 30,000 people actually have securely rafted the Nile and No one enjoys this river better than our professional team of international plus local guides. The Nile High Bungee is 44 meter Plunge from one of the very magnificent sites on the planet. Enjoy the Water touch of the source of the River Nile – which is the sole jump over the great Nile, the combined jump with a friend or even ride off along the Nile on a mountain bike. Have a shot at the ‘Nile High Combo’ where one can bungee jump as well as raft in one day!

2 days white water rafting

White Water Rafting in Uganda, Source of the Nile Bujagali
Normally a trip to the vibrant Jinja is conducted at the start or end of a big safari in Uganda; it is normally more like a supplement. However people interested in particularly this tour can as well be catered for properly as it is ideal particularly for people who are visiting Uganda for a very short time. You will be collected from the airport by our tour guide who will drive you to your hotel where you will unwind as you wait for your journey to Jinja to enjoy some water adventure.

WaterAfter breakfast, together with your guide you will drive to Jinja, going through a natural tropical forest – the Mabira forest home to various primates like the colobus monkeys plus a profusion of birds. After 45 minutes drive you will reach the Owen Fall Dam the place where the country’s hydro electric power is generated. From here proceed to the source of the Nile found at the Ripon Falls and later continue to the Bujagali falls, where you will marvel at the breathtaking scenery and also see divers swimming through the rapids. When you reach your lodge or hotel, you will have lunch and later go rafting on the Nile. Rafting is among the most fascinating tourist activities carried out at the source of the Nile, and it doesn’t need any expertise since you can actually learn on the same day. Dine and slumber at your hotel

Luxury; Jinja Nile resort
Midrange; Gately on the Nile
Budget; King Fisher hotel

Day 2
After breakfast, you may have a boat ride down the Nile and explore the source of the Nile. This boat ride is a very fascinating experience after which you will return to your hotel for lunch and later depart back to Kampala. You will be transferred to the airport for departure flight or in Kampala for your onward travel plans.