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Nature’s Prime Island Lodge

A long time ago there was a random eruption which blocked the course of a river and formed an amazing sight: Nature lodgea somewhat narrow water body dotted with numerous small islands, delimited by green hills and perhaps the very volcano that erupted standing several meters away majestically guards the area.
For Guests interested in escaping from the busy crowded cities this is the ideal place to be and loosen up. This island is a beautiful Eco-tourism site within the middle-land of Western Uganda. It provides a unique place to base as you explore the great wonders of Mother Nature in this part of the country.

papayaWe guarantee you to be awaken to the beautiful calls of nature with birds sweetly signing instead of the routine morning rush hours. The properly furnished rooms offer great views of the terraced slopes plus mountains.

Their staff caters for whichever special requirements that guests may need to ensure that their stay is very comfortable. As the African sun rises from the back of the hilltops, you will sip at your breakfast as you marvel at the surrounding areas come to life with the sweeps rays of the sunrise. Lunch includes fresh fish caught from the Lake Bunyonyi. At the end of the day, relax with a glass of your favorite wine by the warm campfire as darkness falls into place.

tentedFurthermore, to make sure that you have a comfortable stay they focus on offering the finest accommodation facilities in accord with the local environment. The Rooms are beautifully designed and offer a spectacular view of the mountains plus the lake. You can opt to reside in the handcrafted log cabins built on stilts offering picturesque views across the stunning lake. The spacious well fitted safari tents are charming and cozy. At Nature’s Prime Island Lodge You are guaranteed of complete privacy and comfort.



















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