Mountain Biking on Mount Elgon

In 2012, the Uganda Wildlife Authority opened up the trails of Mount Elgon National Park for Mountain Biking.

Found in eastern Uganda, the Mount Elgon region together with the Jinja region offer quite an interesting and exciting variety of activity for tourists in East Africa especially those on safari in Uganda. This part of the region offers activities and sites such as Mount Elgon, Sipi Falls and the source of Nile in Jinja. Jinja has the best white water rafting in Africa, Jet Boat rides up the rapids of the Nile, River Surfing, Horseback riding, Quad-Bike Safaris and biking. The Mount Elgon region on the other hand offers mountain climbing,Trout Fishing, abseiling, hiking, caving, birding, and Mountain Biking on Mount Elgon. All of this makes eastern Uganda a prime safari destination

Why Mount Elgon?

Although Mount Elgon is a perfect safari destination, with a number of exciting activities, it is not particularly popular with visitors who travel to Uganda. Most them are more interested in gorilla trekking in Bwindi, or exploring the Nile but the beauty of Mount Elgon once discovered cannot be forgotten. Mount Elgon is absolutely unspoiled, it is Africa as the writers of centuries past described it. You will not find crowds in the area on while mountain biking or hiking. The stark beauty of is there for you to see with no interruptions.

The area is rugged with rocks, creek and rain washout, and many steep declines. It is an adventure to navigate. There are former logging roads and gravel ones in the pristine forest valley. Sparkling streams and a variation in vegetation zones contribute to the beauty of Mount Elgon. You are assured of stunning views of the African wilderness.

bikingAre the bikes provided at the destination?

There are no bikes provided, so if you intend to go mountain biking on Mount Elgon and the surrounding areas, you have to carry your own bike and equipment or you could hire on when you get to Uganda. There are no companies offering mountain bikes for hire close to Mount Elgon but your tour operator can help you arrange bike rentals and transportation of the bikes. A few entrepreneurs are coming however with the intention of providing this service and many others. It is important to make arrangements with the airline to transport your bike way before you travel.

Is this the only mountain biking destination in Uganda?

There are many other places that offer good mountain biking opportunities but Mount Elgon is still one of the very best and that is why we recommend it. There are places such as Bwindi impenetrable forest, the mount Rwenzori foothills also offer good mountain biking opportunities, and so does Mgahinga Gorilla national park and Kabwoyo wildlife reserve.

The trip to mount Elgon will be well worth it and memorable if you add mountain biking to your itinerary.