Mahogany Springs

Mahogany Springs; this is an extremely luxury accommodation with ancient kind of architecture. It is among the Mahoganyperfect places you cannot miss staying at.  It’s magnificently located with a river gently flowing through the adjacent forest. Its name was derived from the mahogany tree plus a spring which for several years has continued to exist there.

The lodge offers suites with gorgeous views that look over the forest. These nice suites include triple, Twin and Double they are large with big windows which let in fresh air directly from the forest. Every suite has a magnificently well fashioned terrace therefore offering an main-houseexcellent sight of the surrounding. Amenities offered here include bathtubs having hot & cold water, a dressing table as well as a terracotta shower; in addition mosquito nets are offered to make your nights more comfortable. There is also a presidential suite for people who adore privacy plus space. You will find an impressive well stocked bar ha