The Katwe explosion crater

The Katwe explosion crater is not the first thing you think about when you think of a safari in Uganda. What often comes to mind is game parks, gorilla trekking, and perhaps white water rafting, a visit to the crater, if it is ever thought about will perhaps be a suggestion from a well informed safari operator.

The Katwe explosion crater is one of the most scenic drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The 27 km drive is one of the most beautiful sights in Uganda. There is not much wildlife to see, but the scenery is breathtaking. The entire drive is full of amazing photo opportunities. You will want to take photographs of the stunning craters, the crater lakes, and the wildlife such as elephants and buffaloes elephants you might see. The explosion drive is ideally a 1 hour drive but because of all the opportunities you will want to take advantage of along the way, it will probably take a bit longer than that.

craterlakeWhat are some of the interesting sights on the explosion crater drive?

There scenic beauty of the Katwe explosion crater is comprised of a number of things. There are various explosion craters along the road. Some of these are filled with grass, forest, fresh or salty water. During the dry season elephant herds move up here.

The craters are not the only beautiful sight on the drive; you can get a magnificent view of Western rift valley. The route of the explosion crater drive overlooks a portion of the western rift valley. You can see it in all of its awesomeness, vastly spread out, and you can also see Lake George. Lake Edward and the kazinga channel which connects the two.

Another sight that shouldn’t be missed is Lake Kitagata. You can get a clear view of the lake which is fed by salty water from a salty hot spring. There is also the Kyemango crater which unlike most craters has no lake at the bottom and has been said to look like a huge grassy amphitheatre. These two have been featured in various worldwide nature publications.

You can even catch sight of the Rwenzori Mountains of the moon!!

Everything on this drive comes together to make a stunning, amazingly scenic view from every direction.

There are so many breathtakingly beautiful sights on this drive; it is well worth the trip. It makes a whole lot of difference if you include it on your Uganda safari itinerary.