Ihamba Safari Lodge

Ihamba Safari Lodge was designed using stones and its thatched cottages perfect blend in well with the natural Ihamba signsurrounding. The lounge plus the main dining area were constructed looking over vast plains of the park. Unique about this lodge is its swimming pool in which you can unwind after your day’s adventure activities in the park. From the comfort of your lodge, you’ll be able to enjoy the breath taking views of the magnificent Rwenzori Mountain. This lodge in main-houseaddition has conference facilities plus internet therefore you can work and even get in touch with your loved ones here at Ihamba Safari Lodge. There is a well stocked bar offering a wide assortment of wines plus spirits and there too you can enjoy the magnificent surrounding views.

At Ihamba lodge, you are guaranteed of Comfort as chair-ihambawell as luxury. There are ten suites which were specially constructed to offer the finest facilities and the utmost comfort. These suites were named after the bush that surrounds this lodge. They are spread out from each other to ensure that guest have good privacy and these are connected to the main lodge building by a series of walkways. from the window of the bedroom or even bathroom, guests can enjoy a spectacular view of this lodge. Their windows are wide loungeenough and have sliding glass to give you a clearer view of the surrounding. Some of the facilities offered here include telephone services plus internet access. Each room is air conditioned and the bathrooms as well as toilets are very fine.

This lodge is a five star facility and offers a number of courses of meals delicately Ihamba bedprepared by their expert chefs. Also private dining may be arranged in your suite although it is normally in the beautifully set main dining area. The staff is very warm and friendly as well as well trained to ensure that you have a great memorable stay.





















Enjoy your stay