Heritage Lodge Bunyonyi

Heritage lodge is located in an isolated area close to the peaceful waters of the impressive Lake Bunyonyi house viewwithin Kabale district in southern Uganda. The Ha’Buharo Island hosts guests who are interested in resting and taking pleasure in the natural beauty of this place. Lake Bunyonyi is surrounded by the verdant Impenetrable Bwindi forest and the Mgahinga Mountain ranges which are well known for mountain gorilla tracking.
It is a 2 hours drive yet with very rewarding views of this serene part of the country. It is a destination to enjoy with a couple of friends or your family as it offers you all the comfort and luxury you can ever think of. This Island is craftfilled with sounds of sweet melodies of bird sounds plus the cool lake breeze that will certainly help you loosen up and offer you the peace of the soul and mind.

Accessing the lodge is an adventure in itself since it requires crossing the lake. They have a motor boat always at standby to take the guests to the lodge. This ride is fascinating as you will sail past a number of small islands among which is the dishonorable “Punishment Island” on which girls that got pregnant before marriage where abandoned by the mainland locals. You will see barrthe locals cultivating the steep hills and so much more. Their staff is very warm and friendly; on arrival they will carry all your luggage as well as check you into your room. They provide unmatched services to all the guests.

this lodge offers self-contained large family-size tents on raised platform. Their cottages are marvelously constructed with 2 bed rooms, a living room as well as separated from each other to offer guests the utmost privacy during their stay.  They are furnished and decorated lounewith various local materials to offer it an “African appearance”. The bathrooms have hot and cold water so a bath at the end of you day’s safari activities will be a great choice. There is solar power with which you can have your batteries and phones charged.

The main building lodge houses a restaurant plus a well stocked bar having a great assortment of spirits plus wines.  The expert chef prepares very delicious meals for the guests in accordance to their preferences. Fortunately they locally cultivate their own fresh vegetables as camp placewell as obtain fresh fish from the lake which they serve their dear visitors. You may choose to dine in the beautiful gardens or next to the campfire as you marvel at the blanket of stars right above you.






























Enjoy your stay