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Fishing Trips in Uganda

Uganda is among the most stunning countries in the whole of Africa. Its exceptional beauty does not only refer to fishingits splendid scenery, welcoming people as well as mountain gorillas but in addition are its beautiful water bodies. Located on the high basin that rises between the western and Eastern arms of the Great Rift Valley, this country Uganda has a vast possibility of developing its water based tourism. With the exemption of the semi-desert area in the far northeast, majority of Uganda has plenty of water and fertile soils. About 25 percent of the Uganda’s terrain is occupied by water. Lake Victoria which is the largest lake in the whole of Africa as well as the second largest water body with fresh water in the world is actually shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Lake Albert, Lake Edward and Lake George that are located on the border with Congo, together with the swampy and ill defined Lake Kyoga lying in the centre of the country all offer great sites for fishing trips. The River Nile which is the world’s 2nd longest river also provides great fishing opportunities.

Basing on the current fishing demand in the fresh water bodies of Uganda, Wild Whisper Africa has organized another unique tourism product that will allow you to more experience the unspoiled land. Our fishing safaris enable you to partake in various types of fishing which that are used in Uganda hence making your Uganda /*/*

trip ffholiday very memorable and private. We provide for all types of anglers ranging from the novice to experienced anglers. more than 350 species of fish are so far recognized to exist in the water bodies of Uganda with a number of very stunning ones. The most commercial yet commonest species are the Tilapia and large Nile Perch which are in addition among the favorite species to most tourists. Additional fish species are, cat fish, Rastrinabola, lung fish, Protopterus among many others. The flimsiness of these species of fish is outstanding while catching a big Nile perch which can weigh more than 200 kg is very amazing.

It’s only in Uganda that you will have an opportunity to enjoy the outstanding sports fishing within the stunning unpolluted waters surrounded by very pristine natural environments ass you relax and with no distraction but your fishing activity. Our proficient safari guides will unveil to you best spots to enjoy sport fishing that are well recognized and will initiate you to the various fishing locations on the lakes. Whereas others offer safaris to the prominent destinations, we offer you the finest suitable and unforgettable fishing experience on the well-known bodies of Uganda, and at the same time unveil the treasures of this country as a exceptional African destination.


Murchison Falls Fishing Tour: 4 days and 3 nights in Murchison Falls National Park, which is the largest protected region in Uganda. enjoy Fishing in the waters of the Nile as you also enjoy other exhilarating adventures within the park.

enjoy Ssese Island Fishing Trip: 5 days and 4 nights fishing trip to the stunning Ssese Islands. The trip journeys you to the Islands of Ssese, a small collect of more than 80 islands right off Entebbe in Uganda. It is actually an unspoiled paradise with the biggest part of it unoccupied except by roaming local fishermen, and is covered by dense tropical forest that are inhabited by monkeys as well as birds. Other than the Nile perch, additional local fish species caught here include tilapia and lung fish among others.

Uganda Fishing Tour: 8 days and 7 nights fishing holiday in the most renowned fishing places in Uganda such as the Lake Victoria, Murchison Falls and on river Nile. Discover the isolated islands on Lake Victoria in addition to enjoying sightseeing as well as game viewing through Uganda.