Cuckooland Lodge

Cuckooland is a tinny, comfortable mid-range facility within a beautiful setting, at the rim of the verdant Bwindi CuckloolandImpenetrable Forest National Park, offering breathtaking views over the forest. Location in area of  10 acres, it was constructed almost totally using locally sourced all-natural materials, and the accommodation comprises of four spacious comfortably well-furnished double tents constructed on wooden platforms with a thatched roof as well as a huge veranda.

Their restaurant, offers an exception view overlooking the surrounding forest, and offers delicious food including fruits plus vegetables grown there. Every unit is fitted with Huttits private toilet and shower with hot water heated by solar power and is located less than twenty meters from the rim of the forest, hence providing a magnificent vantage point for enjoying the plentiful birdlife as well as various resident primates usually spotted in the fruit trees at the edge of the forest. Cuckooland is approximately 2 km from the nearest accommodation facility, the tinny Murushasha facility, and uniformly far from the road, therefore visitors are guaranteed of complete serenity with only sounds of the forest dwellers.