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Uganda Crafts, Where to buy paperbeads, Jewerly and Clothes

For several generations Craftsmanship is a practice in Uganda that has been well-passed down over centuries.

Beyond striking ornaments, handicrafts in Uganda reflect the varied popular cuisine, culture, environment, history, and beliefs of the various tribes. Pieces are produced basing to the needs of the craft shoppeople in every region, in addition to the availability of required natural materials.

Woven baskets are very vital in each Ugandan home – a big basket with a lid stores millet bread warm, whereas a small basket with groundnuts is normally offered to guests as a gesture of friendship. These baskets, together with magnificently crafted bowls, are well colored with dyes and skillfully woven into elaborate patterns to illustrate the craftsperson’s skill.

Bark cloth is a well recognized traditional material.  This firm, bright orange fiber was long ago used in cloth making, however today it is commonly used to make hats with wide brims which are a perfect item worn on safaris.

Wood is normally used in making of functional items like bowls plus spoons carved to bring out the grain. In addition, it’s used in making of stylish ornaments, chiefly inhabitant animals plus breakables, which are now and again made of polished ebony. Other items commonly hand carved locally here in Uganda are musical instruments, Stools, flutes, plaques among many others. Additional musical instruments you can take back home as souvenirs are hide drums as well as adungus (which are melodic stringed musical instruments originating from the West Nile part of  Uganda.)

Although less traditional paper jewelry is an equally attractive item made of lively colored strings of paper-beads crafted into beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets. This projected was begun by ‘Bead for Life’, and has fortunately turned out as a major source of money for women in the different poor households in different parts of the country.