Busingiro Eco Tourism Site

Busingiro Eco Tourism Site is found in Budongo forest which is the biggest Mahogany forest in the whole of East Africa with Trees growing up to 80m. This forest is popular for its resident population of 600 to 800 chimpanzees that live in various groups. Among these, six groups have actually been habituated for tourism activities so visitors can visit them at close distance. This forest as well hosts a number of uncommon bird species such as the Chocolate-backed Kingfisher plus the Lemon Bellied Crombec. Busingiro can be reached while visiting Murchison falls National Park. At this site you will as well see Congo’s Blue Mountains plus the Rift Valley Escarpment.

You will find a locally designed building with open sides where visitors can relax, take some sodas, snacks as well as locally cooked meals. You can also purchase here some videos, Local crafts, t-shirts as well as bird guidebooks.

This site is running an environmental education course for local schools. The Children visit this forest to to personally see and discover its use to the area.  Exhibites found at the center assist the guests to interpret the secrets of this forest as well as discover its intricate ecosystem. When you visit the Wildlife Education Center at Entebbe  you will experience the Budongo Forest since displays of the forest are based around the eco-tourism project conducted in Budongo.

At Busingiro there are 2 conventionally fashioned African Bandas which offer comfort and privacy to its visitors, a double plus 3 single beds can accommodate 5 visitors. Each of the Bandas is placed in a beautiful forest clearing offering a relaxing environment where you can unwind at the end of a forest walk. Their campsite space which can accommodate more than 20 people is found a distance away from the reception area. There is a cooking shelter at the camp with a water pump plus a campfire and all the basics for self-catering guests. The open wash room has showers with hot and cold water near 2 pit latrines which serve the campsite and the bandas.

There is a cook who prepares very delicious food here. Visitors are however recommended to purchase all their provisions earlier in Masindi and in case they need catering services they should make prior arrangements through their guide.

This site has an intricate trail system of a network system, which offers the best opportunity to track chimpanzees, plus a loop system including a number of forest features plus some fascinating tree species.  All Visitors must enter this forest in the company of a guide and should adhere to the code of behavior, to ensure the utmost safety with maximum enjoyment. Visitors must talk about their personal preferences as well as time schedules with the forest-guide who is going to customize a program to satisfy their individual’s preferences.