Bush Lodge

Bush Lodge Tented Camp is located on the fringes of Queen Elizabeth National Park and it is strategically Bush lodgepositioned with views over the Kazinga Channel which connects Lake George to Lake Edward. From the viewing platform at the lodge, guests can see various animals moving about. The lodge is comfortable, safe and affordable. It is the ideal place to stay for those who which to be close to Mother Nature’s delights.

All the rooms are self contained have exquisite double showers. Some showers are open and built in the African way and you will be able to enjoy your shower directly beneath a blanket of a starlit sky.  Their bush- Tent-bushtoilets are as well very clean and eco-friendly. The staff will guide you on how to use these facilities.

The foods offered are very delicious and delicately prepared by their expert staff in accordance to your order or preference. There is a well stocked bar having various drinks. Their staff is warm and welcoming and willing to offers the best of services to all the guests. Bush lodge is near Kyambura gorge dine-bushwhere  chimpanzee tracking plus game drives are conducted in the park; and also from here you can enjoy a boat ride on the Kazinga channel.













bush bed









wash room




















Enjoy your stay