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Uganda Bicycle Tours

Visiting Africa can be very interesting. It is good to make memories by doing exciting, unconventional and unexpected things.

Tourists sitting in safari vehicles or taking safari walks are a very common sight in Uganda, but a rare and exciting sight is a tourist on a bicycle safari tour. Gorilla trekking trips, mountain climbing and game viewing are exciting and give you a chance to explore the African wilderness, but a bicycle safari in Kampala gives you the opportunity to see an totally different side of Uganda.

bicycleWhy should you add a bicycle safari tour to your itinerary?

Bicycle tours make your time in the Pearl of Africa more meaningful because you get to see more and learn more about the country, its culture and trends as you move through the suburbs of Kampala city. The 4-5 hour tour can be very educational and enlightening. If you schedule your bicycle safari tour during school time, you could visit a school, spend some time with children and give them a few gifts such as books, toys and deflated soccer balls. Children are such a joy, whether they are American, English, Nigerian, Indian or Ugandan. You could be responsible for putting smiles on their little joy in their hearts. You could also ride by the market places and experience some Ugandan culture. Market day in Ggaba for example is so busy and bursting with energy you will enjoy exploring and bargaining for interesting items and perhaps get some souvenirs to take back home.

The beauty about bicycle safari tours is that they are not hurried. You can stop for refreshments and take pictures with Ugandan strangers in Kampala. The joy and adventure is in the journey. From start to finish it is all new and exciting sights and sounds of Uganda.

How are the tours structured?

Bicycle tours are usually all inclusive. A group can have up to eight people. Bicycle safari tour operators provide all necessary equipment such as bicycles and helmets.

If you are planning a Uganda safari trip and would like to try the bicycle safari tour, you can talk to your chosen tour operator to add it to your itinerary and add make all the arrangements.

Safaris in Uganda usually have full and extensive itineraries but a bicycle safari tour in Kampala is one thing you want to add, it is adventure, education, and fun all in one.
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