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7 Days Birdwatching in Tanzania


The 7 days bird watching and wildlife safari is a signature trip that is best experienced in Tanzania. Tanzania has the largest density of game parks and nature reserves of any safari destination. The Serengeti National Reserve, Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and other popular national parks are worth visiting for bird viewing.

Tanzania’s untamed landscapes are the perfect haven for birding aficionados. Tanzania offers many options for birding, but being led by experts will make the experience much better. Bird-watching safaris in Tanzania are the most popular pastime among bird enthusiasts due to the vast number of bird species that can be seen here.

With its national parks and wildlife reserves, Tanzania is home to around 900 permanent and 200 migratory bird species; Tarangire National Park alone has 500 species.

DURATION : 7 Day(s)


Arusha NP, Tarangire NP, Serengeti NP, Ngorongoro Conservation Area/Crater.


Day 1 Kilimanjaro International Airport-Arusha City

Distance: 55km/1hrs drive
On arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport you will be met and great by our transfer/safari driver who will introduce to you about our beautiful country and then escort you to Arusha City in your chosen accommodation for evening rest to get ready for your next day adventure.

Mid-Range: Planet Lodge Hotel on BB

Semi-Luxury: Kibo Palace Hotel on BB

Day 2 Arusha City-Arusha National Park

Distance: 50km/1hrs drive
Today after breakfast, we drive to the nearby Arusha National Park. On arrival we start with enjoying three hours walking safari which will be accompanied by park ranger. We will choose from a number of routes and park will be explaining everything comes on your way during the walk. Arusha National Park is a home for acrobatic Black and White colobus Monkey, These species contributes into visitors experience during the park visit because they can easily be spotted. Other animals includes Buffalos, warthogs and Giraffes, It has varieties species of birds like flamingo etc. This park may be small but can boost number of highlights which your morning activities will be have demonstrated but this afternoon we will relax in the vehicle as your driver guide shows you the rest of what this little game has to offer. Later drive back to Arusha city for evening leisure and overnight.

Mid-Range: Planet Lodge Hotel on Full Board

Semi-Luxury: Kibo Palace Hotel on Full Board

Day 3 Arusha City-Tarangire National Park

Distance: 120km/2hrs drive
After breakfast, collect our picnic lunch boxes then we take a short pleasant morning drive to Tarangire National Park, Arrive at the gate our driver will do all the government procedures then proceed inside the park for a full day game drive in the park located slightly off the main safari route. Tarangire National Park is a lovely quiet park in Northern Tanzania most famous for its elephant migration, and birding safari with a quiet atmosphere. Later in the evening we drive to the lodge/hotel for evening leisure and overnight.

Accommodation: on Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Mid-Range: Lake Burunge Tented Lodge on Full Board

Semi-Luxury: Tarangire Sopa Lodge on Full Board

Day 4 Tarangire National Park (Full day)

Today we have a full day in Tarangire. This park is huge and known as the ‘Elephant Playground,’ this phenomenal park contains huge herds of these mighty mammals. But Tarangire is also home to buffalo, lion, wildebeest, zebra and gazelle and the park can rival Serengeti for sheer animal densities. What might you see today? Perhaps a solitary male lion stretched out beneath a tree, perhaps a trio of male cheetah enjoying some lazy bonding-time in the sun. Maybe some graceful Grant’s gazelle or zebra bounding away from the road or a couple of giraffe munching happily from the choicest acacia branches. For Tarangire specialties’, look out for kudu and oryx.
Here as in other parks, it pays not to ignore the small animals. It’s so easy to be mesmerized by the power and majesty of an elephant or the elegance of the giraffe. Ask your guide to find you an agama lizard, especially a male one who changes colour in front of you according to the temperature! Or a hyrax, known as pimpi, an insignificant-looking creature of around 30cm in length…who astonishingly is related to elephant!

Not many trees will pass you by without something of avian interest catching your eye. A memorable flash of colour might be a lilac-breasted roller or blue-eared starling. Ostrich are plentiful and it’s hard not to chuckle at the sighting of the well-named, studious-looking secretary bird as it awkwardly pads across the grasslands.

The park is also famous for its splendid baobab trees, rolling savannah and acacia woodland. It can be dusty – wear a scarf over your mouth – but this is a minor inconvenience for sighting wildlife in such abundance. In the evening proceed back to the lodge for evening leisure and overnight.

Accommodation: on Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Mid-Range: Lake Burunge Tented Lodge on Full Board

Semi-Luxury: Tarangire Sopa Lodge on Full Board

Day 5 Tarangire National Park-Serengeti National Park (central-Seronera)

Distance: 280km/5.30hrs drive
Our driver will be at your hotel in Arusha ready to start your trip to our famous park Serengeti National Park ‘The Endless Plain” This Park is well-known for its healthy stock of resident wildlife, particularly the “Big Five”: Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, and Buffalo.

Serengeti, a UNESCO world heritage site, is home to around 200,000 zebras, and 300,000 Thomson’s gazelles that join the wildebeests’ trek for fresh grazing. Listen to the exotic sounds of over 6 million hooves pounding the open plains of Serengeti just like how you imagined African wildlife to be. After a long day of Safari you will drive to your accommodation for evening leisure and overnight.

Accommodation: on Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Mid-Range: Embalakai Authentic Camp on Full Board (located inside the park)

Semi-Luxury: Serengeti Serena Lodge on Full Board (located inside the park)

Day 6 Serengeti National Park-Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Distance: 145km/3.30hrs drive
After breakfast, we will start our day with a morning game drive in Serengeti then later take a short pleasant drive to Ngorongoro Conservation area, The Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) is an extensive highland area along the eastern arm of the Rift Valley, with the world-renowned Ngorongoro Crater as its focal point. Ngorongoro was established to conserve wildlife and other natural resources. It also safeguards the interests of indigenous people and promotes tourism. In the evening drive to the lodge for evening leisure and overnight.

Accommodation: on Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Mid-Range: Country Lodge Karatu on Full Board (located outside the park)

Semi-Luxury: Ngorongoro Serena Lodge on Full Board (located at the Crater rim)

Day 7 Ngorongoro Crater Tour – Kilimanjaro International Airport

Distance: 245/4hrs drive
After breakfast, we depart for our tour in the crater, the crater has a population of around 120 lions with well defines territories, 15,000 wildebeest, 9000 zebras, 400 hyenas and around 50 black rhinos. Many wildebeest and other herd animals are resident benefiting from the many sources of year round waters and are boosted by some migrators in season. Buffalos, Thomson’s gazelle and Eland are also present in numbers, Hippos can be found in pools and swampland and highland birds is colorful and plentiful around the waters. Flamingos can be often been seen in Lake magadi, which occupies part of the crater floor. Later after your tour in the crater drive to Arusha/Kilimanjaro International Airport for your onward plans.

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