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5 Days Uganda Birding Safari


This 5-day Uganda birding safari takes participants on an exciting journey through Entebbe, Mabamba Wetlands, and Lake Mburo National Park. The adventure begins with birding in Entebbe’s UWEC, the serene Botanical Gardens, and along the picturesque shores of Lake Victoria. On the second day, participants visit the Mabamba Wetlands, the prime location for observing the rare Shoebill Storks in Uganda. This Important Bird Area not only hosts these elusive birds but also boasts a thriving population of various other bird species. The safari concludes with a 3-day birding expedition in Lake Mburo National Park, home to an impressive 313 bird species. Participants can explore diverse habitats, including wetlands, lakes, savannah, rolling hills, and acacia trees, each providing a unique environment for a wide array of birds.

Bird enthusiasts can now embark on this top-rated Uganda birding safari trip, which promises an exceptional experience. Participants have the opportunity to record over 1300 bird species in Uganda, including some of the rarest birds exclusive to this ecosystem. This birding safari enables participants to access all the critical Bird Areas in the region, where they can discover numerous colorful and abundant bird species. The 5-day birding safari in Uganda also includes an optional game drive in Lake Mburo National Park, accompanied by numerous birding opportunities, making the safari a truly remarkable adventure.

Uganda Birding Safari Highlights
Day 1: Bird in Entebbe Areas (UWEC, Botanical Gardens, Lake Victoria Shores)
Day 2: Birding tour in Mabamba Wetlands
Day 3: Birding in Mabamba Wetlands
Day 4: Birding in Lake Mburo National Park
Day 5: Return to Kampala

Day 1: Bird in Entebbe Areas (UWEC, Botanical Gardens, Lake Victoria Shores)

After a hearty breakfast, participants set out for a birding adventure at The Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC), formerly known as the Zoo. This location attracts over 170 species of wild birds, including 10 species of Weavers such as the African Paradise, Golden Backed, rare Northern Masked Weaver, Grosbeak, Baglafect Northern Brown Throated, Black Necked, and many others. Participants can also spot 5 species of flycatchers, including the Swamp Flycatcher, Lead Colored, Red Bellied, and Crested Shrike Flycatcher. Raptors such as the African Fish Eagle, Gabar Goshawk, African Hobby, Shikra, Small Banded Snake Eagle, African Goshawk, and numerous other species, as well as captive animals, can be observed. The tour continues to the tranquil Botanical Gardens for another birding experience. After lunch and some relaxation time, participants proceed to the evening visit to the sewage lagoons before returning for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 2: Birding in Mabamba Wetlands

Following a delicious breakfast, participants head to Namugabo near Mabamba Swamps, which boasts the highest recorded population of shoebills on a single day. Most of the birding is done by canoe, adding a unique twist to the experience. Other species that may be encountered include the African Water Rail, Squacco, Long-Toed Plover, Purple Herons, Goliath, White-Faced Whistling Duck, Yellow-Billed Duck, Pygmy Goose, Black-Headed Heron, Grey Heron, Allen’s Gallinule, Moorhen, African Jacana, Black Crake, and more. Participants may also spot the Sitatunga Antelope (swamp antelope) and other wildlife. En route to Kampala, a stop at another swamp may reveal the Weyns Weaver, White-Winged Warbler, Papyrus Gonolek, Yellow-Crowned Bishop, and many more. Participants enjoy a packed lunch and continue birding as they spend the evening in Kampala for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 3: Birding in Mabamba Wetlands

After a tasty breakfast, participants transfer to the scenic Lake Mburo National Park, located in western Uganda. A brief stop at the equator is made before proceeding to Lake Mburo, birding up to the entrance of Nshara Gate. Species that may be seen include the Emerald Spotted Wood Dove, Brown Parrot, Common Scimitarbill, Spot-Flanked Barbet, Bare-Faced Go-Away Bird, Lilac-Breasted Roller, Crested Francolin, African Grey Hornbill, Green Wood Hoopoe, Greater Blue-Eared Starling, Northern Black Tit, and Trilling Cisticola. Lunch is enjoyed at Rwonyo Restaurant. In the late afternoon, a game drive along the Zebra Track may reveal the Rufous-Chested Swallow, African Wattled Plover, Coqui Francolin, Flappet Lark, Black-Bellied Bustard, Rufous-Naped Lark, Temminck’s Courser, and more. Participants should also keep an eye out for the elusive leopard and other nocturnal species. Return for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 4: Birding in Lake Mburo National Park

Following an early breakfast, participants embark on a nature walk to encounter various wetland and savanna bird species, as well as impalas and other wildlife. After returning for lunch, an evening game drive along the Kigambira Loop is scheduled. Species to look for include the Black-Collared Barbet, localized Red-Faced Barbet, Lead-Colored Flycatcher, Red-Headed Lovebird, and Green-Capped Eremomela. Return for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 5: Return to Kampala

An early morning game drive along the Lakeside Track is planned, which involves approaching aquatic habitats around Lake Mburo. Species that may be encountered include the elusive Shoebill, Papyrus Yellow Warbler, White-Winged Warbler, Lesser and Greater Swamp Warbler, Papyrus Gonolek, and the Blue-Headed Coucal. The tour continues to the lakeside campground while looking out for the African Finfoot, African Darter, Spur-Winged Plovers, African Water Rail, and many others. Participants return mid-morning for breakfast and proceed on a launch cruise in search of papyrus species that may have been missed, with hippos and crocodiles as added bonuses. Birding back to Kampala begins, with a stop in Masaka town for lunch before continuing to the bustling capital city.

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