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3 Days Murchison Falls Safari in Uganda


3 Day Safari to Murchison Falls National Park Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park is ideal for the best game viewing as well as the Uganda Wildlife photographic safaris.

The park is habitat to the Big 5 with approximately 76 mammal species among which are lions, warthogs, baboons, buffaloes, elephants, hippos and giraffes that are hardly found in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Also, there are more than 451 various birds species in the park with an area for watching birds while on this safari in Uganda such as the rarest of them all, the Shoebill Stork. There are also 53 types of raptors and migrant birds, reptiles including the Monitor Lizards, Rock Pythons and Nile crocodiles that all live here. The major highlight of this park is the River Nile which bisects the park through an 8 square meter wide cleft rock at the Murchison both at the Northern and Southern ends. It then plunges down into the Devil’s Cauldron. Because the North is more endowed with game compared to the Southern end, a reason as to why it is mostly preferred.

murchison falls national park safari

Day One:  Kampala to the Murchison Falls National Park

An early morning departure from the hotel at 7:00am to the biggest Wildlife plus National Game Park in Uganda. The journey takes you through the beautiful and picturesque countryside, with traditional homesteads and banana plantations spread allover and by the roadside you will see various vegetables and fruits on sale by the local people.  As you proceed on this drive you will come across a number of lively market centers where roasted meat (locally called Muchomo), chicken sodas and roasted Banana (Gonja) are sold.

We continue driving into Masindi town, here we shall have lunch and later proceed to the Murchison Falls National Park. In case you in need of a map showing the Murchison falls you can find it on Microsoft known as Kabalega Falls. The park was named “Kabalega” by former president Idi Amin but this name was in 1979 changed to current Murchison Falls.

You will finally arrive at your preferred lodging within the Murchison falls: such as the Global Village Guest House and Red Chilli Camp among the Budget accommodation, and Nile Safari Lodge or the Paraa safari lodge among the Luxury facilities.  In case you opt to stay at the Luxury Paraa Safari Lodge and or the Nile Safari Lodge. These 2 lodges possess a swimming pool.  Paraa safari lodge is among the finest Luxury accommodation facilities in Uganda’s different National parks.  Also Chobe safari Lodge found at the other end of the park is a wonderful alternative.

After lunch we leave for the very first game drive in Murchison falls and are ready to see resident animals such as elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, lions, warthogs and antelopes.

There isn’t anything to be rushed while on this African trip , your vehicle will stop whenever you want and the expert safari guide will accompany you through this adventure and places where you will see most of the elephants, butterflies, giraffe , birds,  lions, tree species,giraffes and elephants.

Return to your place of accommodation after the game drive, occasionally this will need you to cross the Nile River by ferry; however, there is nothing beats watching the sunset over the River Nile at dusk.  You will have an African dinner back at the hotel as you hear the sounds of the waterfalls echo from farther away.

Budget Accommodation: Red Chilli Camp and the Global Village Guest House.
Moderate Accommodation: Murchison Falls River Lodge and Sambiya River lodge.
Luxury Accommodation: Paraa safari Lodge and Nile Safari Lodge.
Excellent Luxury Accommodation:  Chobe safari Lodge.

Day Two:  Murchison Falls National Park Morning Game Drive and Nile River Boat Cruise.

Early after you’ve had breakfast you will leave for another game drive in the Savannah, drive along the delta of Lake Albert, beautiful wildlife remember to take pictures of the sun rise and the early risers. Whatever you are imagining and feeling, viewing animals all around you can never be replicated elsewhere on earth; this is actually the true Murchison Falls with its waterfalls, lions, warthogs, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, hippos, birds and giraffe. You will see large crocodiles basking out in the sun. Head back to your lodge for overdue breakfast and unwind.

Following lunch you’ll enjoy one of the best features of this Murchison Falls safari – the boat cruise tour on the river Nile.  you will see  a variety of animals along the river banks among which are numerous giant crocodiles, schools of   hippos, buffaloes, antelopes and elephants plus different birds such as water birds, Shoebill storks  and fish eagles. The boat gently moves down the river offering guest a clear view of the various animals. This actually offers a wonderful opportunity to take photographs of the various animals that come to the river banks for a drink.  Large elephants are seen cooling off, crocodiles dozing under the sun and Hippopotamus playing in the water.

You will also have the opportunity to see the magnificent waterfalls as the waters of the mighty Nile force their way through a 7 meter gorge and drop down past a series of rocks to 43 meters below with a thunderous crush which forms a cloud of water spray and numerous rainbows… it is very spectacular!
This Murchison falls  tour along  the Nile river gently starts and much more opportunities to watch the animals before you  head back  to your lodge for a lovely  dinner with an evening of leisure  and slumber, do not  miss out seeing  bird species such as storks, egrets and eagles, also many other fascinating birds which make this place a birdwatchers paradise, there’s also a number of primates such as Monkeys plus baboons.  The dinner is very delicious and you will be able to sleep to the wonderful sound of the falls.

Budget Accommodation: Global Village Guest House and Red Chilli Camp
Moderate Accommodation: Murchison Falls River Lodge and Sambiya River lodge.
Luxury Accommodation:  Nile safari Lodge and Paraa safari Lodge or
Extra Luxury Accommodation:  Chobe safari lodge

Day 3:  Head back to Kampala

View the stunning falls early Morning and enjoy a leisure breakfast after which we pack our bags and get ready to leave back to Kampala. We shall make a halt at the top of the falls where our planet literally shakes due to the power of these falls; here you will see a rainbow that results from water spray from the falls.

Then we head to Masindi where we shall have lunch at the Masindi Hotel which is Uganda’s hotel constructed in 1923 in which Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn resided as they launched “The African Queen” and there after continue to Kampala where we shall arrive in the late afternoon.

Fascinating to Note: This name “Murchison falls” was titled by a British explore Samuel Baker back in 1864. It was during that period that Samuel Baker was aiming to safeguard his wife Florence living in Bulgaria from the Harem so she chose to offer him company. She joined her husband on the expedition across Africa – quite a task then and ended up at the Murchison Falls hence naming it so in 1864 with respect to the president of the Royal Geographical Society.  Also Hemingway has a history with regards to Murchison Falls Park; it was here that he crash landed back in 1954 in a plane and then the new rescue plane on takeoff got fire in the engine hence narrowly escaping death and rushed off to Masindi Hospital where he got treatment.  Humphrey Bogart together with Kathryn Hepburn made the film “African Queen” with scenes on the Nile and on Lake Albert within Murchison Falls Park.

This tour includes the following;

  • The accommodation while you are on your Safari.
  • The park entrance fees.
  • A skilled guide that is also a fluent English speaker.
  • The transportation in a 4 x 4 vehicle.
  • The boat/ferry fees.
  • Refreshments while on the journey among others.

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