Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel

Nyungwe Top View Hotel features a spectacular view around the beautiful Nyungwe Forest. This hotel is known Nyungwefor providing budget accommodation within a peaceful location; it is the right spot for visitors who would like to stay longer to discover the splendor of Rwanda.

This is the largest single forest territory in East Africa as well as the largest water-basin for Rwanda. It is a popular home for various primates including chimpanzees, mangabey and the black & white colobus, in addition to various plant species. In fact Rwanda is the finest place to go for bird watching as you will be fascinated by the various bird species many of which are uncommon in Africa.

main houseThe views as enjoy for the hotel extend over Kahuzi Biega National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, tea plantations, Lake Kivu and the Volcanoes. The hotel comprises of 12 rooms including four twin and eight double rooms, every room has a fire place, seating space plus a balcony with stunning view of the African sunset as well as the surrounding. The hotel provides outstanding facilities in addition to services to satisfy your needs.

chairThe experienced chef uses local plus international ingredients to prepare very delicious meals. For those who like a particular dish, this can be prepared on prior request. The bar is well stocked with assorted drinks; you can choose to sit at the bar as you sip your drink of your preference.
at the end of the Visitors can loosen up  with a cool shower and later unwind in the gardens or at the balcony as they sip their drink. You will certainly enjoy the stunning scenery of the vicinity.
bedddThere is entertainment in the evening as visitors relax around the camp fire, by the local people. These sing as well as dance and visitors are allowed to join in the fun. The staff is warm and friendly; Enjoy your holiday at Nyungwe Top View Hotel.