Uganda Tourism Night

Uganda tourism has been given an opportunity to advertise and showcase what Uganda has to offer in a fun event dubbed “Tourism Night”. Ugandans are the leading social people on the African Continent with their ever welcoming smiles. The intention of this Tourism Night is to bring Ugandans and friends of Uganda together after their daily and week-long heavy schedules which will help shed off the fatigue, and demonstrate to the community and international travellers that Uganda is the place to be.

This Tourism Night will take place on Thursday 10th April 2014 at Speke Resort Munyonyo (Speke Ball room) starting 6pm.

The Mission or aim of the event is to expose Uganda’s Culture and night life through bringing together the tourism stakeholders, travellers and the corporate world under one umbrella of socializing together as a tourism community for the purpose of sustainable tourism development.

The Uganda Tourism Night  is a great initiative that demonstrates the vision of networking, the very back bone of the tourism sector. All those involved in Uganda’s tourism be it travel agents, tour operators, hotel owners, wild life authorities, all believe in networking as a way to move business forward.

Untitled12The theme of the night, “Cultural development, a strong foundation to sustainable tourism growth” is aimed at promoting Uganda’s Culture, Night life and potential of tourism in Uganda through creating awareness and promotion of  Uganda’s culture, business and tourism potential. This exciting night will be a vehicle for marketing of our natural, cultural and man-made tourism products domestically hence making tourists stay longer and giving them a fun filled program that promotes who we are?

Uganda is endowed with good people, plentiful of natural and cultural resources that when exploited can form a basis of a lucrative tourism industry and increase of tourist flow. The beautiful landscapes and people with a beautiful culture, flora and fauna, wildlife all combine  to make Uganda one of the best tourist destinations in the world. This beauty is yet to be exploited.

The organisers of this event aim to:

  • Promote the understanding of the importance of tourism business in Uganda
  • Promote the culture of consumption of the tourism products available in the tourism market of Uganda.
  • Promote the networking of stake holders and promoters of the tourism business both local and international
  • Promote new innovations and creativeness in the tourism sector such as entertainment and business development.
  • Promote the culture of being together in business
  • 10% of the proceeds from the event will go to supporting the reconstruction of Kasubi Tombs.

The event is organised by members of the Uganda Tourism Fraternity together with the management of Speke Resort Munyonyo.  It is sponsored by  Speke Resort  Munyonyo, The  Redpepper, Ruparelia  Foundation and 103.4 Juice FM.

This event will put Uganda tourism at the fore front as reflected in every aspect right from its theme to table settings. There is a Gorilla table, Chimpanzee table , a crested crane table etc. So those interested and invested in Gorilla Safari for example can pay for a seat at the Gorilla table, the same goes for chimpanzees and crested cranes, Uganda Kobs, etc. Of course the prices of the seats also affect which seat you can pay for.