Uganda Aviation Expo

airportFor 2015, Uganda seems to be on a fast paced journey to a successful year in travel and tourism. Not only is the pearl of Africa hosting the birding expo this which is a major coup for tourism in Uganda, it is also set to hold an aviation expo this month.

From the 15th January, to the 29th January, everyone interested in aviation I anyway should make their way yo Kimaka Airstrip in Jinja Uganda. This is the first ever event of its kind in Uganda and it is expected draw a gathering of young people interested in careers in aviation, stakeholders in tourism and aviation, and other interested parties.

The aviation expo will give the public a chance to see new trends, market developments, learn more about air facts and acquire some aviation memorabilia.

At the expo, there will be sessions and presentations on flight crew careers, training, employment and earnings, with additional sessions on engineering and maintenance.

The expo’s entry cost of US $1,500 per person, will cover transport, accommodation for two nights, a full-day aviation industry career workshop and one-hour flight experience in the cockpit.

Aviation traffic in Africa is projected to grow by more than 6% per year for the next 20 years, driven by improving incomes, demographic boom, increasing urbanisation and the emergence of a growing African middle class hungry to travel.

With this event it is hoped that more people will learn about the workings of he aviation sector and activity in the industry will grow.

Use of air transportation is not very high in Uganda but commercial air services are slowly picking up, and tourism in Uganda could benefit from this increase as it will ease tourist transportion to various tourist destinations in the country, especially amazing and beautiful but remote destinations such as Kidepo valley national park.

Currently their a few charter flights within the country to a few destinations such as the parks in western Uganda, or even to Kidepo, but more air traffic would be a plus for Uganda travel and tourism.