Seychelles on the 2014 ‘must-visit’ top tourism destinations list

The Director of Seychelles Tourism Board for Africa and Americas, uttered his happiness when he was told by tour operators that Seychelles was among the top 52 listed tourist destination that are a must-visit in 2014 as written in The New York Times. This island found in the middle of the ocean was the sole destination in the Indian Ocean to feature on this high-status list that will guide American holiday makers this year 2014. Sherin Naiken, The CEO of the Tourism Board, said that America is a developing market for the Seychelles and it will be offered more attention by the Seychelles  marketing department. She added that Our Consul General within New York was closely working with them in planning the growth of the market. She also mentioned that they are beginning to see the payback from the works so far done, and this amazing listing by the esteemed New York Times is evidence of all this.

the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St.Ange also talked about the listing of the Seychelles on the 2014 must-visit destinations list. He said that they have always believed in America as an ideal target market for the  tourism industry, and it is for that reason that they have worked to maintain a level of visibility on this large market so as to keep the Seychelles relevant in the tourism industry as well as an option as a holiday destination. The minister added that they are aware that they have to push for the twin-center method with their neighbors plus partners like a safari where their tag line ‘From Africa’s Big Five to the finest Five’ established about 3 years ago become realized. This very approach is with La-Reunion where the amazing mountains and our unparalleled clean white sand beaches harmonize each other.

On the list Seychelles features as number 27 on the list of top tourism destinations in the world together with the key cities across the world. The photo used for Seychelles in this listing is among the most beautiful shots of the North-Island Beach taken by Michael Poliza

The New York Times wrote that ‘‘Witness a city in transformation, glimpse exotic animals, explore the past and enjoy that beach before the crowds”.