Seychelles resort now among the best Hotels on the globe

Praslin’s – perhaps the finest resort – the Constance Lemuria, has recently succeed at the review for admission to among the best and most exclusive hotels in the entire world.

Island---following scoring more than 88% positive “ticks” in this audit, this hotel can today formally display the commemorative inscription at its  main entrance into the resort, that only verifies the impressions made during past inspections, regardless of never having spent a night or even walked the amazing  one of a kind18-hole-championship golf course, in the whole of Seychelles.

Being listed as the number one Hotels in the World comes after a long selection process, open plus undercover audits as well as inspections plus once accepted visitors may be sure of the greater service and then such a hotel will then offers to guests, in this case increasing the status of Constance Hotels plus Resorts, that are already acknowledged as a leading resort label on top of their performance in their properties found in the Seychelles, Mauritius, the Maldives  as well as Madagascar.

The Lemuria found in Praslin parceled up over and over again the awards for the finest golf resort as well as the finest spa resort in Seychelles – a significant success taking into consideration the quantity of luxurious spas within the different resorts throughout the archipelago – along with 3 beaches plus 3 swimming pools, as well as the golf course. The Lemuria provides a comprehensive holiday package even for the most selective clients.