Rwanda remembers the end of yearly genocide commemoration period

19 years back, the at  that time RPF take total power over Rwanda after finishing the liberation of this country. The murderer militias had been chased out of Rwanda, across the border to Congo – where up to date they have a status nearly as loved and respected guests, a real cause of most of the recurring troubles within the bigger Great Lakes region. These were chased out however left behind a nation ravaged by probably the most nasty genocides in today’s history, where they murdered almost one million Rwandaes as well as foreigners residing in the country at that time.

This genocide began shortly after the then ruling  President Habyarimana’s aeroplane was shot-down by hard-liners within his very own administration, that were emphatically against him having made incentives at the  peace talks in Arusha, as they were busy talking and getting ready for a massive slaughter of the ordinary people. every 7th April is  a day  across the country whe they commemorate the beginning of the 100 days of ferocious murders, and every year  tributes are paid to the people who died, the babies, , the women, and the men, the children, the elderly and the boys, the able as well as the disabled, inside their houses, out in the fields and most disgusting of all  in the churches along with several priests working together with the murderers, drawing the ordinary people to their churches simply to get them killed. These 100 days are notable every year throughout the country to remember, and remind  survivors as well as the entire world as a whole of the saying “Never to say Again”, however said with a remedy and conviction that exceeds anything other countries that have ever experienced a  genocide.

Currently, Rwanda celebrates Liberation Day, just a few days following Independence Day. as other nations commemorate their Independence Day with fireworks plus parties, in Rwanda Independence Dayis filled with the memories of the previous genocides, after as well as before their  independence from Belgium, the period of ferocious repression and murders, of discrimination and also of a whole community being focused on for an experience of impoverishing, dennial of human rights as well as  them being robbed of their human dignity. today  in Rwanda, Liberation Day      supersedes Independence Day, yet, it isn’t a day for celebrations as seen for example in the US, where the 4th July each year it is  commemorated.

Within Rwanda, days like these are times of commemoration, of national memorial, just too conscious of the enemies of advance, of democracy as well as of economic prospects as all Rwandan people are prepared, armed well and waiting to yet again pounce, like the familiar  goblinsplus orcs in Tolkien’s talks were ready to get rid of the Elf Kingdom, presented just the tiniest of opportunities.

Currently in Rwanda this day is of serious marches, praying as well as remembrance, performed at the grass-root levels throughout the country, closing the yearly 100 days of looking into the future as well as remember in the past events, that would have never taken place.

as the rest of world did nothing but watch from the sidelines and at present it is anticipated that the rest of the world will endure with Rwanda, as associates and friends, offering support to complete an enduring peace that will, however, basically be achievable once the shadowy forces of Rwanda’s past are conquered, politically, at the battlefield and even ideologically, must it get to that yet again.

At this time many bow their heads as they remember over 19 years back, as they stand together with friends plus families before they can again raise their heads and look into a better in this Land of a Thousand Hills – Rwanda!