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Reunion Island Tourism

: over 100,000 fans and increasing
Reunion Island Tourism Ever since the finish of 2010, has been welcoming travel netizens to the leading social network in the world – Facebook. As per May 2013, there are over 100,000 fans ready to explore this “island travel”.
In accordance with the tourist destinations performance barometer by ‘We like Travel’ social networking agency, in April 2013, the bilingual,   Reunion Island Tourism Facebook page rated in the 5 best, together with French regional tourist destinations to the Martinique, French Riviera as well as Tahiti . [Source:]
It as well occupies a unique place in the minds of the islanders because rising into 5th place in the rankings of these Facebook pages [Source: ShoorK, April 2013], and stays in the 1st position of the Vanilla Islands pages (Comoros, Reunion, Mayotte, Mauritius, Seychelles and the Madagascar).
The continuously increasing  fans of this island of Reunion  share every day their own personal experiences across the destination, which consists of desert-volcanic soils, verdant natural sites more than 40% of this island that are part of the list highlighting the UNESCO World Heritage sites, a see-through lagoon, as well as the convention of cultures from Europe, Africa plus Asia.
In addition Reunion Island Tourism has a group of travelers involved on some other social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube plus Google+ .