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Ngorongoro to shine the spotlight on other sites in the area

The Ngorongoro conservation area authority believes it is high time that other features and attraction within the Ngorongoro area get some attention.

The NCCA is determined and set to launch some very intensive promotion and publicity of sites such as the Laetoli archeological sites and the beautiful Empakai crater and the Olduvai gorge.

Although most Tanzania safaris made to the area usually target the Ngorongoro crater and conservation area, Ngorongoro is rich with amazing physical features that would improve the Tanzania safari experience.

Olduvai Gorge ...located near Ngorongroro CraterEven with the promotion of all the other features, the Ngorongoro crater, which is in some ways very much like an amphitheatre is still and will probably remain the most popular tourist attraction in the area attracting over 500,000 guests a year.

This has resulted into increased vehicle traffic in recent years which have become a major problem for both the NCCA and the tourist s looking to catch sight of the wildlife that is so abundant in the crater.

Quite recently, a number of tourists complained about the vehicle traffic and how it was obstructing their views of the wild animals and in a away, ruining their safaris.

Dr. Manongi the chief conservator of NCCA said that they are doing their best to find ways to reduce the number of vehicles descending into the crater. One of the possible solutions to this problem is the introduction of hot air balloons that will be used take tourists around and over the conservation area. NCCA ha s received proposals to that effect. The numerous vehicle problems are worst during the peak season, where there are more vehicles than usual.

Marketing and promoting other sites as well, will not only diversify the area, but also create alternative viewing experiences, by redirecting some of the traffic from the Ngorongoro crater as people explore the other attractions in the Area. Ngorongoro conservation area is vey popular with the people who Tanzania for Africa safari holidays, or wildlife safari expeditions.

The vehicle traffic problem is one of the few things getting in the way of NCCA meeting objective of Shs. 60bn from tourism alone in this year 2014.