Mauritius to organize a festival this year states Minister for Tourism

Mauritius Minister for Tourism Hon. Michael Sik-Yuen was quoted in L’Express an island local newspaper as having drawn back on a decision made earlier where he was quoted while speaking in Parliament a couple of  weeks back. He said that he was going to organize a festival in the country this very year.
Robert Desvaux, the fired Chairman of Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA), who came up with this idea of the festival said that he was overjoyed to hear that the Tourism Minister had overturned his decision and had accepted to hold the “Festival of the Sea” Mauritius.
The previous year Mauritius, arranged a carnival similar to that held in the Seychelles every year. Mauritius staged an satisfactory event for its residents while Seychelles continued to promote a carnival where the finest world carnivals have a procession together that is followed by cultural groups from the various countries. This carnival held in Seychelles is listed as the ‘event of the island’ and appears on the Vanilla Calendar of Events just as the Tourism Fair held in Madagascar together with la Reunion’s eradication of Slavery Day.