Kongo Mosque Regatta prepared to journey with eco-tourism association

Saturday11th January 2014 is the day for the Kongo Mosque Regatta that is held together with the South Coast Community Eco-Tourism Association. This event pledges an enjoyable day out on the beach and for sailors out on the ocean, as the “coming” of the Kaskazi trade winds is commemorated, together with tradition that in olden days, when most of the trade was conducted by dhows, designated the change in winds and influenced the direction that the trade was to take.

The Kongo mosque, in details provided overnight, is referred to as “Borrowing a title from the encompassing forest, Kongo Mosque is a historic structure full of history and now turned into a tourist attraction. Formerly referred to as Diani Persian Mosque, which name was given to it by the Arab Merchants who lived in this area then, today the Kongo Mosque is beyond a worship center.

On Diani Life – a website that is dedicated to emphasize the attractions of Diani beach along the southern Mombasa  coast, it states that:

Located on Diani Beach on the Southern Coast, a place that is normally filled with tourists, the Mosque is a well liked destination for several visitors. Even though the architect of this mosque isn’t known, it is supposed to have been built in the 14th century. The long ago Arabs who lived along the coast back in the 14th Century built this mosque as a worship place since they were Muslims.

The architecture has without a doubt stood for ages and is still being used by locals up to now. With minor adjustments, the community Muslim leaders have maintained the Mosque functioning for prayer times and have also invited tourists to comprehend this wonderful heritage. Because of this, Kongo Mosque is tremendously adored.

Made up of huge baobab trees which overshadow this Mosque, it is very quiet with a breeze continuously sweeping across the landscape. Actually guests can relax on the sun beds arranged down the Kongo River and relish the sight of the glowing blue waters within the dazzling sunshine. The river drains into the Indian Ocean and aside from the wonderful shoreline you will get the chance to view a number of bird species.

You can reach the Kongo Mosque through the Indian Ocean Beach Club and enjoy the attractiveness of this historical wonder. With such an excellent background, spectacular pictures at daybreak and sunset are memories really worth carrying home.

In conclusion, this is a good example of local Muslim authority embracing tourism for the good of their communities!