Kenya Tourism Updates

When talking in the general meeting of Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers and Caterers, that was held earlier during the week at Whitesands Resort and Spa found in Bamburi – Mombasa, Mrs. Phyllis Kandie the Cabinet Secretary for East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism, gave the industry associations a good start, when she mentioned that licenses will sooner or later solely be offered to companies that are a member of an important tourism trade affiliation.

She was in addition cited that government will simply participate in dialogue with associations that represent the different sub-sectors in the tourism trade, recommending that talks on vital matters will incorporate Kenya’s tourism private sector apex body, the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF), as well as the member associations such as MCTA, KAHC, KAAO, Budget Hotels, EcoTourism, PERAK, KATA and KATO.

Kenya’s Tourism trade associations have for very long time strongly encouraged to make membership a compulsory requirement for being licensed by the government, and it seems that calls to get rid of fake plus briefcase operators have eventually achieved attention. The Cabinet Secretary Kandie was, in accordance with a source from Kenya’s Mombasa, cited to have stated that about unlicensed as well as fake elements say that they shall handle these firmly, since their time is up. The minister added that it was time the tourism industry was cleaned up

The minister told the stakeholders who were present that they are also going to speed up the establishment of a Communication Crisis Committee plus Center to harmonize and manage any tourism industry affiliated crises that would in any other case negatively affect this industry. This could perhaps either collaborate closely or even supplement the KTF crisis management set-up, which has previously proved greatly useful to have important institutions come on board during times of any crisis, such as the Kenya police as well as other security agencies, Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) plus and Kenya Wildlife Service -KWS.

Tourism stakeholders apparently used the chance of interaction to really make it very clear that the decrease in the national budget reports for this tourism industry was inappropriate for the industry and may lead to substantial loss of jobs within the hospitality industry, compelling the Cabinet Secretary to reassure them that talks were going ahead to leave the suggested budget intact, that would enable the Kenya Tourist Board to reveal an aggressive recuperation marketing campaign, as recommended by the sector.

Tourism showcased high in President Kenyatta as well as Deputy President Ruto inaugural addresses and is generally considered to be a foundation and base from which to attain the double-digit economic development this new government has offered Kenyans throughout their current term in office. In case those budget cuts aren’t corrected, tourism won’t be in a position to play that primary role which the president wants the industry to take in improving the economy. However, the industry could undergo a reversal, and actually the nascent recovery we currently see could turn to the reverse.

Our competitors are not slumbering. They used the previous months to reposition themselves at Kenya’s expense. We have to tell the entire world why they ought to visit and personally experience the beaches of Kenya and not any other across the planet. We have to inform the entire world why tourists must really visit Kenya’s wildlife parks and not any other in Africa.