Home-stays growing Uganda’s tourism

In accordance to the World Trade Organization, nearly one billion tourists traveled across the planet this year. Also since there is a common visa for the tourists entering East Africa, the ministry of tourism is coming up with ways to draw in more tourists and even spend some extra time in this country.

Home-stays is among the ways that the ministry has put in place to ensure that they keep tourists in the country for even a longer time. Through the home-stays, a visitor will be able to pays some   fee to stay with his / her host.

Vivian Liaz the spokesperson of the ministry said that Home-stay product, offers reasonably priced plus secure accommodation alternatives for liberal tourists today.

She added that will also offer a new source of revenue, providing excellent quality accommodation and enable visitors to enjoy a wonderful opportunity to explore and even participate in the rich cultures of Uganda

One of the member of Uganda’s Nubian community based in Bombo Juma Abdallah said that the home-stays product inform guests about the wonderful culture plus history where this product has been initiated.

Nusura Ibrahim also a member of Uganda Nubian Community Association said that since the launching of this product the prices of their crafts have actually increased.

One mat which previously costedUGX20,000 now goes for UGX100,000. Also the demand for necklaces, wall hangings as well as table mats have all been increased

Home-stay service is rapidly becoming well-liked and the attitude of the host families’ towards wildlife as well as its conservation is rapidly changing.

Halima Ramadhan also a member of the Ugandan Nubian community said that This has prompted women to actually work together so as to meet the overwhelming demand for very many of their products. It will take anything between 7 and 14 days to craft just a single mat.

Now the Customers request for particular personal designs. Their products are now becoming more well liked gifts for anniversaries, weddings as well as birthdays.

Ramadhan added that before home-stay tourism was launched, these weaving skills were passed down from mothers to daughters for several generations back in their homes. However, novice are currently being trained in Bombo at the workshop of the Nubian Community where they share ideas and also get to know about what is demanded by their market.

These mats are crafted from colored reeds plus papyrus. In accordance with the locals, visitors are excited about uganda’s local food, the coffee plus the way of dressing of the Nubian community.

Tour companies using the Great-North Road normally make stopovers in bombo to offer their clients an opportunity to see these beautiful pieces of African work that serve as perfect souvenirs.

Central Uganda’s former governor Nasur Abdalah said that Some tourists enjoy eating dura, when sitting down on mats. He added that it is wonderful that the home-stay new product is fast becoming a major driver for socio-economic advancement among the people of the Nubian community.

Taking tour in the town of Bombo offers you an opportunity to witness what home-stay hosts have prepared for you. Down in the villages, the women have become entrepreneurs and presently make table mats, cone baskets for collecting cash as well as floor mats among several other items.