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African Lion

Lions often referred to as the kings of the jungle, are a member of the big five that everyone on a safari to Africa hopes to see. Uganda with all its offerings as a tourist destination has a number of prides of lions. So if you are on safari in Uganda, we can pretty much guarantee that you will see at least one lion, if you know where to look.

Where can you find lions in Uganda?

Lions can be found and seen in game parks across the country. We have listed some of them below;

treeclimbQueen Elizabeth National Park: This is perhaps the most popular park for people looking to see lions. There are lions in the various regions of the park, but the most notable region is the ishasha region where you can see the tree climbing lions. This part of the park is amazingly beautiful although not very regularly visited by visitors to the park. Make it a point to add Ishasha to your Uganda safari itinerary. One of the best things about visiting Queen Elizabeth national park is that you can combine it with a gorilla trekking trip in Bwindi impenetrable forest.

Kidepo Valley National Park: this national park is located in the north eastern corner of Uganda. It is very remote, but is worth a visit. It is a beautiful place, and the tourist traffic is very minimal because of the difficulty in accessibility so if you make it there you will enjoy the wilderness without so many crowds around, it is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for some sense of solitude. And the catch; there a number of lions in the park, you can even catch sight of a tree climbing lion.

Murchison Falls National Park: Found in the near north western region of Uganda, Murchison falls national park is very easily accessed. It has stretches of savannah grasslands, and Borassus palm trees with provide a beautiful backdrop for a lion habitat. Murchison falls national park of course has the magnificent Murchison falls as its center piece which makes the place simply beautiful. Here you can do a two or three day safari, go on a game drive and see some lions and a variety of other wildlife

For centuries Africa has been known as a home for lions. There are numerous lions in game parks all across the continent and the pearl of Africa is no exception. Seeing the lions prowl around in the savanna, resting, climbing trees, young cubs playing, or even hunting prey is an amazing sight, and can be very thrilling.

Lions are known as predators, are they ever threatened in anyway?

Yes lions are threatened. The biggest threat to lions in Uganda and other parts of Africa is man. Mostly pastoralists and villages that encroach of on lion habitats. These people hunt and kill them because they are dangerous predators. The pastoralists poach the lions to protect their cattle and themselves, and the villages to protect their human population.

But even with all this danger to these magnificent creatures, they are still one of the most sought after animals for people on Uganda safaris and safaris in other parts of Africa.

lion5Lion Facts

Here are a few facts about the lion.

Life expectancy: Lions have an average lifespan of about 12 years in the African wild.

Reproduction:   A lioness usually gives birth to a litter of about 3 cubs.

Sounds: While the lion roar is one of the most amazing sounds you could ever hear in the wild, lions roar for a reason- to attract mates.

Feeding: It is the females that go out to hunt for prey/food. The male’s role is to protect. Lions often hunt in packs.

In a lion pack/family, the little ones usually eat last. They are the last in line for the share.

The lion mane: Lions are known and praised for their beautiful manes. The male develop that beautiful mane 1 ½ years after birth.

Habitat: lions are usullay found in savannah grasslands, dense bushes and woodlands

The name Simba has been heard of across the world, especially from the famous lion king movies. Simba means lion in Swahili.

Visit Kidepo valley national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, and Murchison falls national park and see the magnificent kings of the jungle on your next Uganda safari trip. You shouldn’t miss out on seeing the tree climbing lions in Ishasha.