• Welcome to Africa!
    Welcome to Africa!
    Where Nature Whispers True Secrets!
  • Welcome to Wild Whispers Africa!
    Welcome to Wild Whispers Africa!
    Where the roar is just a Whisper!
  • Gorilla Trekking
    Gorilla Trekking
    Visit the mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda!
  • Rafting
    White Water Rafting On The Nile
  • Birdwatching
    Over 1000 species in Uganda!
  • Cultural Safaris
    Cultural Safaris
    Authentic African Culture!

Wild Whispers Africa, Safari Holidays & Tours

With Africa being a dream destination for travelers all over the world, there is an immense abundance of attractions you can enjoy, from gorilla trekking to wildlife adventure or just the authentic African way of life!  At Wild Whispers Africa, We love arranging a package for you based on what you want to see, your budget and the time! With our first hand ground knowledge and experience, our tailor made itineraries are flawless!  We handle and execute tours plus safaris in Uganda and the neighboring countries including Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya. We wish you all the best in your preparation for a safari to Africa.

Gorilla Watching in Africa

Find great packages for gorilla safari tours in Uganda and Rwanda.

Gorilla Trekking

Uganda The Pearl Of Africa

True wildlife safari experience, from gorillas to lions and more.

Uganda Safaris

Rwanda, A thousand Hills

Combine your gorilla trek with visits to other attractions in Rwanda.

Rwanda Safaris

Off The Beaten Path

Volunteering, trails, mission trips, and reality expeditions.

Unusual Trips

Our Clients
Our ClientsFind reviews and testimonials from our past clients!
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African Safari